Mission and Values


To provide individuals with the education, skills and training to excel in the hospitality industry and in their personal lives.



We treat all BEST Hospitality Training visitors and each other with the same respect, interest and attention that we would like to receive in return.

We aspire to model the professional standards practiced at our select partner hotels. (Examples include: our language, dress, work ethic, tone of voice, and manners). We strive to present ourselves as world-class in all situations. We also aspire to individually and collectively accept ownership of all tasks and responsibilities we take on, making sure we are known for excellent follow-through.

Valuing Differences:
We each bring our own distinct contributions to the table. In order to gain the full impact of the value of our differences, we need to be patient, kind and willing to challenge our assumptions. Our collective experiences lead us to deeper solutions to complex issues. The diversity reflected in our staff, our clients, and our stakeholders makes us the strong, effective, learning organization that we are.

All of our communications will be appropriate, timely and complete. Our operational success is dependent upon our ability to communicate effectively.