BEST Course Catalog

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Certificate Courses


3 hours

  • Recognize an emergency
  • Respond to an emergency by using action steps: Check, Call, Care
  • Provide basic care for sudden illnesses until advanced medical help arrives
  • Use an automated external defibrillator

8 hours

  • Recognize the risks faced by a food service establishment
  • Assist in preventing unsafe habits that result in foodborne illness
  • Protect food and food service equipment from contamination
  • Practice good personal hygiene as it applies to the safe food handler
  • Correctly stock and rotate food products
  • Successfully clean and sanitize food service contact areas and equipment

5 hours

  • Help create and sustain a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for patrons
  • Influence aspects of drinking behavior to encourage responsible drinking
  • Confidently intervene in and resolve troublesome situations
  • Use the knowledge gained in this class to recognize if a guest is approaching intoxication or is already intoxicated
MA Allergen Training

2 hours

  • Food allergies and celiac disease-related food intolerance, including the major food allergens
  • Celiac disease and the food intolerances that it produces
  • Symptoms of allergic reactions and celiac disease and procedures that restaurants should follow in educating employees about food allergies and celiac disease
  • The MA allergen training provides current information on
  • Steps that restaurants, hotels and caterers, should take if a customer has an allergic or celiac disease-related reaction to food
Barista Training

2 hours

  • Understand the history and importance of coffee
  • Demonstrate how to use and maintain an espresso machine
  • Understand how to select, store, and dispose of coffee
  • Demonstrate proper coffee bean grinding and tamping
  • Understand how water temperature, quality, and flow rate effect taste
  • Demonstrate how to properly froth milk

Culinary Skills

Basic Culinary Skills

Kitchen Math

6 hours

  • Demonstrate understanding of recipe terminology
  • Demonstrate understanding of liquid measurement values
  • Ability to convert liquid measurements from one value to another
  • Ability to increase or reduce recipe yields
  • Demonstrate understanding of fraction math
  • Demonstrate understanding of measuring utensils

Knife Skills

24 hours

  • Select and care for knives
  • Identify all parts of the knife
  • Use a utility knife safely:
    • Clean
    • Carry
    • Sharpen
    • Store
    • Cut
    • Position guiding hand correctly
  • Cut foods into a variety of shapes and sizes:
    • Julienne
    • Battonet
    • Chiffonade
    • Dice

Pan Skills

20 hours

  • Properly clarify butter
  • Understand the proper techniques and guidelines necessary to
    • Sauté
    • Pan sear
    • Pan fry
  • Demonstrate basic egg preparation and flipping techniques
  • Demonstrate standard breading procedures and when to use each one
  • Understand the importance of timing when cooking multiple food items

Soup and Sauces

22 hours

  • Demonstrate understanding of thickening agents
  • Ability to make and use a roux, slurry, and beurre manie
  • Ability to make and use a mirepoix
  • Demonstrate understanding of soups and sauces
  • Demonstrate understanding of mother sauces

Food Art

Food Art

3 hours
8 weeks

  • Learn the art of fruit and vegetable carving and garnishing
  • Students will receive their own garnishing kit the first night of class

On Call Banquet Server and Restaurant Training

On-Call Banquet

Vocabulary/ Terminology

6 hours

  • Ability to identify and describe various kitchen equipment
  • Ability to Identify and describe various foods
  • Ability to identify and describe tableware, glassware, and flatware
  • Demonstrate knowledge of various cooking methods
  • Ability to interact with customers in a professional manner

Napkin Folding / Table Setting

6 hours

  • Ability to fold napkins in eleven classic folds
  • Execute traditional table settings
  • Demonstrate knowledge of polishing techniques

Order Taking / Order of Service

6 hours

  • Ability to take orders and interact with customers in a professional and informative manner
  • Ability to serve guests using the proper sequence of events
  • Ability to describe menu items and make informed suggestions

Wine Service / Cocktail Service

6 hours

  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of various wines
  • Ability to identify basic wine varietals
  • Ability to execute traditional tableside wine service
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of various liquors
  • Demonstrate knowledge of classic cocktails & their garnishes
  • Demonstrate knowledge of appropriate glassware for specific cocktails
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of mixers

Micros™ System

12 hours

  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of Micros system
  • Ability to open and close a check
  • Ability to accurately enter food and beverage orders
  • Ability to place orders using seating position and course numbers
  • Ability to accurately use modifiers
  • Ability to accurately convey customer preferences and needs
  • Ability to correctly enter personal time codes and manage time sheets


6 hours

  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of all buffet equipment
  • Ability to set up a general buffet using correct sequential placement of foods, equipment, and utensils
  • Demonstrate knowledge of buffet staff and their responsibilities
  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic buffet etiquette
  • Ability to set up a basic buffet place setting

Banquet Table Setting

6 hours

  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of all banquet equipment
  • Ability to set up a traditional banquet table
  • Demonstrate knowledge of buffet staff and their responsibilities
  • Ability to read and understand a B.E.O.
  • Ability to set a banquet table according to a specific B.E.O.
  • Ability to safely stack, lift and carry trays

Banquet Order of Service

6 hours

  • Demonstrate understanding of cocktail hour
  • Demonstrate understanding of serving appetizers and/or wine
  • Ability to greet guests, introduce oneself, and interact with guests in a professional manner
  • Understand importance of food allergies and ability to communicate this information effectively
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the sequence of service
  • Understand differences between banquet and table service

Banquet Styles of Service

6 hours

  • Demonstrate understanding of and ability to execute Bread Buttering
  • Demonstrate understanding of and ability to execute various styles of service including:
    • Escoffier Service
    • French Service
    • Other service styles commonly used in Boston hotels

Computer Skills

Computer Skills

Class meets 2.5 hours / week

Morning / Evening

Computer / Device

  • Know difference between hardware and software
  • Mouse skills
  • Identify keys on keyboard and improve keyboarding skills
  • Customize computer settings
  • Create folders to organize files
  • Understand words and phrases necessary to buy a personal device


  • Identify web browsers
  • Create safe and strong passwords and be secure
  • Search using keywords vs. typing a web address
  • Browse on multiple tabs
  • Sift through search results
  • Explore topics such as buying airfare and online shopping


  • Create an account and professional signature
  • Compose new emails
  • Use formal language in emails
  • Send, reply to, and forward emails
  • Identify spam and manage unwanted emailsOrganize inbox with labels

Google Drive and Other Apps

  • Create and move files to Google Drive
  • Share files and folders
  • Delete files and folders
  • Understand basics of cloud storage
  • Use and understand purpose of Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets
    • Create, edit, and insert elements into each app
    • Collaborate and share files with other users

Mobile Devices and Apps

  • Use pre-installed apps
  • Download and install new apps
  • Organize and delete apps
  • Navigate websites on mobile view
  • Understand cloud storage

Social Media

  • Create accounts
  • Set privacy and visibility settings
  • Publish and manage content to the web

Google Suite: Docs, Sheets, Slides, Clasroom

  • Create and edit files
  • Change font and styles
  • Add and edit content
  • Understand and navigate menu tabs
  • Use Google Classroom to navigate online learning resources


English for Hospitality


6 hours / week


Level 3/4

Level 5/6

Level 7/8

  • Ability to communicate with guests, supervisors, and co-workers using proper customer service language
  • Familiarity with career ladders within the industry
  • Weekly use of technology within the EFH classroom
  • Ability to articulate goals, both personal and professional
  • Demonstrate confidence and leadership through out-of-class projects, oral presentations and field trips

U.S. Citizenship Preparation

U.S. Citizenship

2 hours / week


  • U.S. History and Civics lessons
  • Understanding the N-400 application
  • Preparation for the interview with a USCIS official
  • Referral to support services if needed
  • Follow up sessions and tutorials

Online option available for this course. In-person orientation required at Medford site.

Math Class (College Preparation)

Math Class (College Preparation)
1.5 hours / week

Build foundation math skills to transition into introductory level college level math courses

Tutoring Services


Upon request

1.5 hours / week

One-on-one tutoring provided by trained volunteers

  • English reading / writing
  • English speaking / listening
  • Literacy
  • Citizenship
  • Math / GED / HiSET
  • Computer
  • College homework help

Career Resources and Referral Services

Next Step Services

By appointment


  • Advise students about other opportunities outside of BEST based on student goals
  • Assistance with any application process
Career and Resource Referral Services

By appointment

Conduct online career exploration, resume building, completion of online applications, cover and thank you letter writing, and interviewing meetings with eligible clients


First Time Homebuyer

4 hours / session

2 sessions total

  • Prepare for the mortgage process
  • Understand first time homebuyer mortgages
  • Learn how to find a home
  • Understand the legal aspects of buying a home
  • Be able to work with professionals during the home buying process
Tech Goes Home™

15 hours / course

  • Learn basic computer skills
  • Opportunity to purchase a Google Chromebook for $50 after completing required classroom hours
  • Access low-cost internet options
Online Learning

1 hour

1 session

  • Enroll and regiter in online language tools, such as USA Learns
  • Understand how to use BEST online learning tools
    • Google Classroom
    • Skills training online resources
    • Citizenship online resources
  • Register and complete industry certifications online
    • Food safety
Know Your Local 26 Benefits

1.5 hours / session

1 session

Understand Local 26 Benefits: 

  • Regan Associates Legal Plan
  • Modern Assistance Program (MAP) Employee Assistance Program
Yoga and Better Health

30 minutes/ week (before class)

  • Use meditation and yoga to reduce stress and increase focus
  • Learn English vocabulary relating to the body and health
  • Access online resources to practice yoga and meditation at home
Above and Beyond Guest Service

2.5 hours / session

2 sessions

  • “Wow” guests by oering exceptional guest service experience
  • Engage guests in conversations by using polite language
  • Personalize guest experiences by anticipating guest needs
  • Role play guest service scenarios
Meet USCIS Officer

2 hours

1 session

  • Meet a USCIS officer an dhave an opportunity to ask questions
  • Prepare for U.S. naturaliation process
  • Learn updates to the U.S. citizeship interviewing process
Learn about Boston

1.5 hours / week

6 weeks

  • Learn about Boston’s most popular tourist attractions
  • Learn how to give directions and recommendations to guests
  • Become familiar with events happening in the city
  • Develop the skills necessary to engage easily with guests
Improving Speaking through Reading

1.5 hours / week

6 weeks

  • Read short stories in English
  • Retell stories in own words
  • Build vocabulary and role-play
Google Flights and Calendar

2.5 hours / session

2 sessions

  • Learn vocabulary related to buying an airplane ticket online
  • Search for a flight
  • Read and understand information about a flight
  • Use Google Calendar to add, change or delete travel plans
Online Shopping

2.5 hours / sesssion

2 sessions

  • Learn about online shopping options and apps
  • Create online payment account
  • Request an exchange, return or refund
  • Read customer reviews
Online Banking
3 hours / session

1 session

Learn about basic online financial management skills

  • How to pay your utilities bill through your online banking account
  • How to deposit a check through your phone
Resume Writing Workshop

2 hours / session

2 sessions

  • Learn strategies for writing a resume as you draft your own
  • Effectively communicate your skills and experiences
English for the Kitchen

3 hours / session

1 session

  • Learn basic vocabulary for the kitchen
  • Understand basic safety in the kitchen
  • Demonstrate clear understanding of kitchen verbs

Job Seeker Training Program

Introduction to Hospitality

Cycle 1: January 6- February 14
Cycle 2: February 24- April 3
Cycle 3: April 13- May 22
Cycle 4: June 1- July 10
Cycle 5: July 20- August 28

150 hours

This six-week, full-time course, trains participants for positions in hotel housekeeping departments. Course components include:

  • Hands-on skills training in a model hotel room
  • Hotel tours
  • Two weeks of job shadowing at partner hotels
  • Computer skills
  • Ergonomics
  • Chemical safety and blood-borne pathogens
  • Cross-cultural communication skills
  • Customer service and professionalism
  • Financial literacy
  • Branding
  • Preventing workplace harassment

Following completion of the pre-apprenticeship program, participants work with career coaches on their job search. Graduates receive a Department of Labor Housekeeping Pre-Apprenticeship credential and 9 college credits at Bunker Hill Community College after completing a prior learning assessment portfolio.

Participants seek positions at a partner hotel where they become apprentices and continue to refine their new skills. Upon successful completion of the apprenticeship, graduates earn a nationally recognized certification from the Massachusetts Department of Labor and 3 additional credits at Bunker Hill Community College.