Housekeepers, cooks, servers, dishwashers, lobby attendants, barktenders, all types of hospitality workers… They’ve been taking care of us for years.

Let’s remember them on 




Help provide grocery cards for laid-off workers in need

three people smiling sitting around a table My name is Nadine Scarlett. I’m from Jamaica originally. I came to the US in 1990. I’ve been working at the Westin Copley as a housekeeping aid for 6 years. This time has incredibly challenging for my family. I’ve been unemployed since March.


We go to food pantries. We are listening to see if the phone will ring for work. My two sons are 22 and 24, and I have been supporting them through the pandemic. My stepson is 8 years old, soon to be 9. I’m trying to keep my kids sain and keep them fed and healthy. I pay rent in Roxbury. It’s been very difficult to keep up with expenses. Everything is one day at a time.


My coworkers are in the same position. Some have been so stressed, the stress has landed them in the hospital. They just want to know where they can get assistance. I’m trying to keep them informed and stay strong for them. I’m trying to stay focused and positive through all of this. I lost a cousin from COVID-19. I know a lot of my coworkers have lost loved ones as well. Sometimes I am lost for words. We are asking for your support to keep me and my coworkers going. One day at a time. Thank you.